Total Control by Tom Stephensen

Skills: Acrylic

Total Control by Tom Stephensen Acrylic and airbrush on canvas
Title: Total Control
Artist: Tom Stephensen
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 24×30
Medium: Acrylic and airbrush on canvas
Description: It is no surprise that Tom utilizes air brushing skills to paint this canvas. His day job involves being a motorcycle and automobile painter. When he accumulates enough money to travel, he often goes to South America and carves and paints. This particular piece shows a South American country in which the military is taking over. The view is from the passenger portion of the inside of a truck. In the rear view mirror you can see a helmeted soldier standing at the driver’s side of the vehicle. Out of the front windshield you can see a black-gloved hand snatching away a baby. There is also a man standing who is completely engulfed in flames while a soldier walks away with his back to him. It appears that this man’s protest is being completely ignored by the military establishment. In addition, there is a sign leaning up against the red pick-up truck (occupied by several villagers) which states Total Control in Spanish.