The Repackaging of Texas by Michael Michuta

Skills: Acrylic, Paintings

The Repackaging of Texas by Michael Michuta Acrylic on board
Title: The Repackaging of Texas
Artist: Michael Michuta
Year: 2000
Dimensions: 40×30
Medium: Acrylic on board
Description: Michael dips into the surreal as he shows various flying devices in bubble making machines in a fantasy world. He uses his fingerprints on the semi-dry acrylic in order to produce a unique texturing throughout the piece. What this piece has to do with Texas is anybody’s guess. It may have something to do with the Alamo, based upon the dome with the cross on top located towards the upper middle of the piece. Michael is form the same group of artists (such as Robert Anderson, Steven Hofberger , Melodie Coradi, Stephen Yazzi, David Lewis, and all the other artists ho used to live and paint together who eventually showed at the Art One Gallery in Scottsdale).