Tent City

Skills: Oil on Board, Paintings

Title: Tent City
Artist: Robert Anderson
Year: 1997
Dimensions: 96″ x 144″
Medium: Oil on Board
Tent City was a mural I specifically commissioned Robert to paint. I asked him to depict Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the infamous Tent City Jail in downtown Phoenix. The only item I asked to be included in the painting (besides Sheriff Joe) was the scales of justice and the green bologna which is served to the inmates. This piece measures 8 feet by 12 feet and is the center piece of our main conference room. It shows the happy laughing people on the right as opposed to the sickly gasping people on the left. It depicts the green army tents which are used in Tent City (along with circus tents). The pigs wearing harnesses and floating on balloons are meant to represent the saying “When pigs can fly.” In other words, Tent City is a good idea “when pigs can fly.” Note the bologna sandwich sitting on the scales of justice and the very distinctive nose painted on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.