Pete by Melanie Corradi

Skills: Oil on Board, Paintings

Pete by Melanie Corradi Oil on board
Title: Pete
Artist: Melanie Corradi
Year: 1998
Dimensions: 96×48
Medium: Oil on board
Description: This piece was the first piece of artwork that Melanie ever sold. She was a student at Arizona State University at that time, and she was painting with a group of artists in downtown Phoenix. I was visiting Robert Anderson’s studio in order to check on the progress of Tent City, when I observed this piece off to the side. Melanie was preparing this piece in order to enter it into a juried show, and I bought it on the spot. The style of this piece is very similar to the work that Robert Anderson was doing at the time, and Melanie was attempting to find her own style. Her new style is dramatically different and can be seen often at the Art One Gallery in Scottsdale. In addition, Melodie is a tattoo artist who will only tattoo actual works of art onto peoples’ bodies.