One by Tom Stephensen

Skills: Acrylic

One by Tom Stephensen Carved wood with acrylic paint
Title: One
Artist: Tom Stephensen
Year: 2001
Dimensions: 30×10
Medium: Carved wood with acrylic paint
Description: In this piece, Tom carved out this panel leaving six smaller panels contained therein. He then paints with acrylic on the six remaining panels and creates quite an image. He depicts the top half of a man’s head wearing a gas mask; A man with a US flag in his mouth; The bottom half of the US flag ending with gold and silver stripes (apparently a commentary on money and wealth); Two small feet (unknown what this means); And a small television set. The screen of the T.V. contains a picture of the Teletubbies. The smallest Teletubbie (the red one – Poe) is being crucified. He has a smile on his face as blood streams out of his heart into a cup, which is being held by another Teletubbie. The other Teletubbie is then drinking the blood from the cup. All of this is meant to be a commentary on the cult-like (almost religious) status that the Teletubbies and other T.V. icons have achieved in the United States. As is common in most of Tom’s work, television dominates too much of our lives.