Fountain One by Gary Slater

Skills: Copper, Sculpture

Fountain One by Gary Slater
Title: Fountain One
Artist: Gary Slater
Year: 1999
Dimensions: 48×60
Medium: Copper
Description: This was the first copper water sculpture which I commissioned Gary to make. Gary is a very well-known sculpture artist and he uses water with copper in a very unique way. In the water basin are polished black river rocks. Water is pumped up through the back of the sculpture and flows out evenly across the top of the feature before it cascades down the front into the water basin. Gary’s work has generated National Acclaim and he is well known throughout the Valley of the Sun. Monumental pieces can be seen in front of the Chase Manhattan Bank building in downtown Tempe, as well as the front of the Cantor Simon building. When I first saw his thirty foot sculpture in front of our building, I knew I had to commission him to make the sculpture in order to bring some of his energy into our offices.