Figures with Fruit by David Sharpe

Skills: Oil on canvas, Paintings

Figures with Fruit by David Sharpe Oil on canvas
Title: Figures with Fruit
Artist: David Sharpe
Year: 1984
Dimensions: 72×96
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: David Sharpe is a world famous artist from Chicago who lived for years in the Guadalupe Islands in the Caribbean. This piece clearly had sexual undertones regarding the local islander walking up to the presumably visiting tourist who is sunbathing topless. She maintains a coy smile as she sets her sun-tanning board to the side as the islander approaches and his shadow falls (along with his gaze) directly on her crotch. Another title for this piece, as given by my friends, is Black Beavis, because the islander bears an uncanny resemblance to Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.