Edgar by Ron Burns

Skills: Acrylic, Paintings

Edgar by Ron Burns Acrylic on canvas
Title: Edgar
Artist: Ron Burns
Year: 1996
Dimensions: 40×30
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Description: Ron Burns is a local artist famous for his work with the Arizona Humane Society. His Humane Society license plates can be seen all over town depicting a puppy and a kitten snuggling close together in vibrant colors. His prints can also be purchased all over the United States at any Z Gallery. Ron started his artwork by painting commission pieces of various animals using regal poses with unusual colors. He since developed a more cartoonist style which is also very popular. His artwork can be purchased at his gallery along Marshall Way in Scottsdale. In this particular instance, he chose to paint a pig (the only Burns pig painting I know of in existence), and he captured him quite well. I always felt that they could have used this painting for the posters advertising the movie Babe.