Bayou by Ian Davis

Skills: Acrylic, Paintings

Bayou by Ian Davis Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
Title: Bayou
Artist: Ian Davis
Year: 1999
Dimensions: 60×48
Medium: Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
Description: This particular piece shows two business men with hats standing in the knee-deep waters of the Bayou of Louisiana carrying heavy barrels into the hot sun. This was painted in 1999, so it is not a commentary regarding Hurricane Katrina (although it could be). What this painting is, is a commentary on the toils and burdens placed on the day-to-day business man (or woman) as they go through life. One of Ian’s original artwork pieces so caught the eye of Art One Gallery owner, Kraig Foote, that he had fellow artist Melodie Coradie tattoo it on his back.