Absolut Cantor by David Michael Cantor

Skills: Oil on canvas, Paintings

Absolut Cantor by David Michael Cantor Oil on canvas
Title: Absolut Cantor
Artist: David Michael Cantor
Year: 1996
Dimensions: 40×36
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: Immediately after purchasing my first real artwork (Hunt Slonem’s Rudy) I became interested in thick rich oils on canvas. I grabbed a magazine and thumbed through until I found an Absolut Citron ad, which depicted a lava lamp in the shape of an Absolut bottle. I then recreated that painting on canvas, and I changed the title to Absolut Cantor. The piece sat in my garage for several years, and at one point my wife ran over it with her SUV (there is still a tire track on the back of the painting). I subsequently reclaimed the piece and now it sits by my bar at home.