puts the spotlight on local Arizona artists

Feburary 21st, 2012 Phoenix, AZ – is a new not for profit Web site focused on showing, not selling, the world some of the great artistic talent the Valley of the Sun has to offer. Visitors are welcome to explore the Web site and view various paintings and sculptures and then leave a comment or share with their friends on social networks. The site currently features 119 works from over 40 different Arizona artists and also includes other artists from around the world.

“We are really excited to show everyone how much talent is in Phoenix and use modern technology to help grow this market”, says David Michael Cantor of the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor. ”The project started off as a way to show friends and family the art collection that I have built over the years, but at an early point in the project we realized that it had much more potential.”

With over 40 local Arizona artists like Sergio Aguirre, Robert Anderson, Kelly Barrett, Kristin Bauer, Brian Boner, Ron Burns, John Burton, Bobbie Carlyle, Linda Carter-Holman, Elizabeth Cheche, Colin Chillag, Melanie Corradi, Ian Davis, Adin de Masi, Susanne Falk, Steven Hofberger, Luster Kaboom, Chad Knapp, David Lewis, Joseph Lorusso, Michael Machuta, Christopher Jantu Mana, Beverly McIver, Emily McIlroy, Brendan Ore, Susan Osborne, John Patrick, David Pettibone, David Quan(aka Luster Kaboom), Nathan Redwood, Alfonso Rosas, Bill Schenck, Andrew P. Scott, Albert Secunda, Gary Slater, Paolo Soleri, Tom Stephensen, Rich Tomes, Connie Townsend, Stephen Voita, and Bill Wetherill on one might think that there is enough great art already, but David has bigger plans. “We have opened submissions up to any and all artists so they can send us their work for review and possible posting on the Web site.” David explains, “This will give them a platform to promote their works and hopefully sell them to a wider audience. Our goal is to grow the site continually and help new and established artists find a larger market.”

David has been a supporter of the local art scene in Arizona for more than 3 decades. He believes that there is an amazing wealth of talent in the Valley of the Sun. From purchasing originals to commissioning pieces that have gone on to be displayed in the Phoenix Art Museum, David is a proud patron of Arizona Art and Artists.


  1. soapnuts

    I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this site. Keep up the great work.

  2. Alan

    These are not altered chess pieces. They are vintage, or like vintage, Fisher Price little people. For example:

  3. janet strimlan

    any largish Jacqueline
    Rochester beach pieces?

    • admin

      Hi Janet,

      At this time David owns one piece by Ms. Rochester:
      Red Dress

      Its pretty good size but not of the beach. Are there any specific beach paintings by Ms. Rochester that you like?


  4. Rolando C. Casro

    I’d like to know if the Paolo Soleri sculptures are for sale and their prices

    • admin

      Hi Rolando,

      Thanks for your question. At this time we are not selling any of the Paolo Soleri items. Unless a work explicitly says it is for sale you can assume that it is not.

      Thanks for stopping by the site though.


  5. Hey, just found this on your site. Hate to break the news to you, but john is not an Arizona artist. He’s a Philly boy. If you’d like, he will give this piece a title. In fact, we’ll put it on his facebook fan site and ask the fans for suggestions! Looking forward to hearing from you! Mimi

    • admin

      Hi Mimi,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      While we have added John’s work to the website since it is in David’s collection we did leave John’s name off of the Arizona Artists page specifically because we knew he was not from Arizona. I apologize if there is any confusion created by this. I will add a note to the pieces page.

      As far as coming up with a title for the piece David would be delighted if either John came up with it or if you crowd sourced it from Facebook. Please let us know what we can do to help facilitate this happening.


  6. So nice to see this support of local artists, and to know so many names. Thank you for doing this!

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